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2.  Reflections on the State of Live Audio Networking    4/12/12 by Dave Immer

Hi there,

What with Netflix, Skype, YouTube, spam, porn, etc. it’s an ongoing blizzard of information storming around the internet these days.

IP codec users can try to stay ahead of the packet-collision/choke curve by getting the fastest internet service available. But this only works for the community of users if everyone adopts this strategy. Even still, it seems like a never-ending catch-up race.

Economic forces are re-ordering the phone companies product offerings and pushing our beloved ISDN further down the scale of fiscal importance. Add to this, users throwing up their hands in frustration at clueless telco sales reps or repair techs and you get a pretty bleak outlook.

But behind all these dark clouds, there is hope. Despite the recession and a shifting market having spurred phone companies to scale back service or increase pricing for ISDN in some locales, in major US cities and other areas it is still being offered at reasonable rates. And more telephone Central Offices are ISDN-capable now than ever.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions about the state of live audio networking. Thanks.