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3.  Cost of Bi-Directional Pro Audio over IP vs ISDN    4/19/12 by Dave Immer

Hi there,

The costs for ISDN have held steady over the years and, in some areas, are increasing whereas the internet enjoys a pretty much continual downward cost trend.

From a budget standpoint, there is a lot to like about IP codecs on the public internet. First, everybody already has internet access that gets used for everything, so there is likely no additional cost for the circuit unless an upgrade is required.  Second, unlike ISDN, there are no “long distance” charges. Third, bandwidth is growing and getting cheaper per Mb.

But these cost advantages come in exchange for varying reliability and spotty compatibility among IP codecs.

ISDN installation will be in the range of $100-$400. Monthly will be in a range of $40-$200. And for those who initiate the calls, there are long distance expenses, although these charges can be minimized with a monthly calling plan.

But in exchange for these costs, you get predictable reliability and wide compatibility. And when there is a pricey studio on both ends with pricey talent and demanding clients, ISDN trumps low-budget IP access every time.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions about the costs of live audio networking. Thanks.