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5.   Dealing with that Annoying Slap-Back, Slap-Back    5/3/12 by Dave Immer

Try talking into a mic while wearing headphones that feed what you’re saying back to you a half-second later. In short order you are walking through the door of befuddlement, tongue-tied by hearing your own words out of sync with their utterance.

Typically this occurs when the far-end studio holds down their talkback button, and their monitors, with your voice, feeds into the talkback mic,. When they release the button your delayed voice goes away.

But slapback can also be caused by mis-routing the incoming signal. For portable all-in-one codecs like RoadWarrior, Zephyr MXP, and similar models, this routing is already taken care of. But for rack-mount hardware codecs one has to pay attention to the signal path and use aux sends or a separate bus to feed the inputs.

If you are hearing yourself folded back when their talkback button is not pressed, be sure to tell the far-end engineer (or talent) that this is happening. They do this unknowingly and it’s easy to fix.

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