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7.  Clik-Clik-SQUEEK!  Troublesome ISDN Connections    5/17/12 by Dave Immer

Despite ISDN’s Quality Of Service guarantee, there may be bit-errors on the line that cause drop-outs or spurious noise at your codec outputs.

For such audio problems I offer a short list of possible solutions:

A. Drop the connection and redial it.
B. If that doesn’t help, reboot (cycle the power on the codec) on both ends and try the connection again.
C. If still no resolution, try initiating the connection from the other end (if they are willing to make the calls on their nickel.)
D. Finally, try a different coding algorithm, say, MPEG L3 64/48 or AAC 64/48. These require only 1 call which may avoid problems related to making 2 calls together.

If none of these measures fixes the problem, further troubleshooting may be required by the local or long distance provider. This will take time. My experience is local issues typically get resolved within 24 hours.

Let me know if you have questions or comments about Troublesome ISDN Connections. Thanks,