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8.  “Y ’re br aking u-pp”  Troublesome IP audio Connections    5/24/12 by Dave Immer

The public internet can be fickle at the worst moments, like when you’re trying look professional to your clients. Often, just dropping the connection and re-connecting will clear up the problem. But, if not, consider the following:

You can decrease the risk of packet loss to your outgoing audio with Forward Error Correction. FEC requires up to double the selected bit-rate to be effective and will add up to double the coding delay – not a huge latency, but still noticeable.

For incoming audio the solution is increasing the receive buffer. This value is expressed in milliseconds making it easy to see what the increase in delay will be.

While these settings will improve the stability of your connection, they come at the expense of longer delays making for awkward and clumsy communication with the talent or producer. Short sessions may not suffer much from this. But for sessions with lots of back-and-forth conversation, a long latency can disrupt the flow of production and compromise the vibe of the session.

If minimum delay is critical, start out with low FEC and buffer values and increase until you get a stable connection.

Let me know if you have questions or comments about Troublesome IP Connections. Thanks,