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10. No Arguing! Configure Codecs So They Agree With Each Other.  6/7/12 by Dave Immer

Algorithm, algo mode, bit rate, sample rate, imux, line format, decoder independence:  Though your eyes may be glazing over at their mention, these are the important settings and being able to confirm your codecs are playing  nice is key.

Newer models feature auto-sensing so that the decoder adapts to whatever the far-end encoder is set at (with some limitations.) Some older models may also have this feature, like Zephyr Xstream.

But most older models require you to set both send and receive values. In all cases, the local decoder values must agree with the far-end encoder values.

The voiceover “street standard” codec settings (in North America) have evolved as:
MPEG layer II, Mono, 128kbs, 48kHz, decoder independent.

On a Zephyr Xstream this is expressed as:
Transmit: L2MONO128
Receive: L2
Bitrate: 64kbs (note: this is per-call )
Sample: 48kHz. 

Let me know if you have questions or comments about configuring codecs. Thanks,