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19. Troubleshooting Your Codec: Rear Access Is Key.   8/30/12 by Dave Immer

Equipment gets mounted and positioned based on access to user controls, meters and info screens – all on the front panels. I recommend planning for the likelihood of component failure somewhere in your system and your involvement in identifying and fixing it. Rear access is key.

When you need to troubleshoot your codec, especially older ISDN models, access to rear panel cables, connectors, switches and indicator lights is often essential. If you have your equipment mounted in a tight inflexible space it will surely make your troubleshooting, already a stressful prospect, even more difficult. Position racks away from the wall. Leave room to rotate a component on a shelf. Leave a little slack in the cables.

Plan your studio setup to allow for rear-access to equipment. Admittedly this requires more room. 

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