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21. The Lucent 970U ISDN Phone: Cheap & Useful ISDN Tool II   9/14/12 by Dave Immer

After I posted last week’s newsletter, my colleague in Nashville, Jim Jordan, sent me an email telling me about another good ISDN unit that provides the same handy functions as the BitSurfr Pro: Troubleshooting, POTS compatibility and Long-Distance confirmation. The difference being that this is an actual stand-alone phone that works without the need for a computer or a separate POTS phone.

Available from for $70.

While it isn’t as inexpensive as the BitSurfr Pro, it is much easier to deal with in that you don’t have to hunt down adapter cables or mess around with serial connections and terminal emulation. It has an LCD display that you use to configure it all from the front panel.  The Installation and Setup guide is brief and fairly clear. Note: The guide states it won’t work on an AT&T custom switch protocol (a single-number 2-line BRI circuit.)

The 970U phone makes and receives calls on the first ISDN number. The second number uses a POTS port on back into which you can plug a fax machine, a cordless phone, etc. that can be used simultaneously while the first line is on a call. 

As with the BitSurfr Pro, if you do acquire one of these, set it up and get it working immediately. That way it will be ready to use should a troubleshooting need arise.

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