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24. ISDN Long Distance Provider @#!*% Routing Tables   10/5/12 by Dave Immer

As a follow up to last weeks newsletter, this one focuses on the long distance provider dropping the ball. Unlike the condition of connecting but unable to frame, this problem is evidenced by a complete failure to even connect. You may get a message on your codec screen saying “Circuit Not Available” or “ISDN Down” despite your ability to complete calls normally to other destinations.

This situation is an example of the long distance carrier having incomplete routing tables. It is easy for them to correct. You should call your long distance carrier and describe the problem. Give them the numbers you are trying to call and point out that they are data calls. If you’re lucky and are able to reach someone who knows what they are doing, it can be fixed in 15-20 minutes.

But don’t count on luck and getting it fixed quickly. For new destinations, try a test a day or two in advance. That way, if you can’t connect, you can straighten it out with your long distance carrier prior to the session start and avoid a lot of nail biting and gnashing of teeth.

Let me know if you have questions about long distance provider routing tables.   Thanks,