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31. Codec Manuals: Find The 2 or 3 Sweet Pages.   1/10/13 by Dave Immer

When you buy a new codec, either ISDN or IP, the seller should include some basic training and testing so that you don’t have to read the manual to start using it. Otherwise, you can seek advice from a colleague, call the manufacturer,  get DIGIFON tech support ($30/10 min.), or, God forbid, open the manual.

My advice is once you have the codec installed and the basic operating procedure down, then look through the manual and find the sweet pages. These are the few pages that have information which you will refer to repeatedly. They are great time-savers.

My favorite “sweet pages” are:
1. Table of Quick Configurations
2. Diagram of the unit with identifying Circles and Arrows.
3. Menu Tree showing a graphic depiction of the software Items and Paths.

Make copies of these pages and put them in your own binder for quick reference. Of course, you can also just save the files, but being able to grab a hard copy kept close by is probably faster.

Let me know if you think of other sweet pages.                   Thanks,