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32. Luci Live App: iPad iPhone Wireless IP Codec  1/31/13 by Dave Immer

With the ridiculously easy Luci App running on the iPhone or iPad, voiceover talent has yet another option for connecting to production facilities. For $399 at the App Store you can buy this software IP codec that is compatible, more or less, with most current hardware IP codecs out there like Musicam Suprima, Telos Zip, Comrex Access, Mayah, Tieline and others.

One might liken Luci to Source-Connect. After all they both are software codecs that use a version of the AAC algorithm, transmit via broadband internet, deliver bi-directional production-quality audio, and is an alternative to ISDN. But Luci differs in a few key ways:
1. Luci is intended to connect with a hardware unit in the studio. (Optimized for Suprima.)
2. It is compatible with a variety of current hardware IP codecs from other manufacturers and includes the AAC-HE, AAC-HE v2, MPEGL2, G.722, G.711 standard algorithms.
3. Running on iPhones and iPads, its software app automatically updates.

Luci is already a hit among broadcast field reporters, the group for whose requirements this product was designed. But I think this thing merits a close look by the voiceover community since a growing number of people are forsaking their laptops for the wildly popular iPads and iPhones. Also, when traveling, WiFi is the typical internet access provided by hotels (in some cases cellular 4G LTE delivers better performance.) And, like Source-Connect, it is a viable ISDN alternative. It’s another option.

Check out Luci Live at the iTunes App store.

Let me know if you have had experience with Luci Live and how you rate it.           Thanks,