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33. IP Codecs: For Better Or Worse - The New Frontier  2/14/13 by Dave Immer

While ISDN remains the ‘gold standard’ for remote production, the IP codec landscape stretches out before us with increasing options - uncharted territory, to many.

Just when ISDN has finally become a mature, familiar technology, some providers are moving to ‘phase it out’. Some major markets will keep new service available and those users who already have it will be ‘grandfathered in’.

A dominant software IP codec among production facilities and talent, Source-Connect continues to improve it’s flexibility and ease of use. However, it cannot establish a connection with any other IP codec. This is an issue because a dedicated hardware codec on the studio side tends to result in a more robust, stable connection even if the remote (talent) side has a software codec running on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. And from the production standpoint, stability is IP’s big challenge

In upcoming newsletters I will review standards-based IP codecs and procedure. In the meantime, as always, I recommend having both ISDN and IP capabilities for maximum flexibility and backup.

Let me know if you would like to test your hardware IP codec with me.                Thanks,