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35. ISDN Ordering: Persistence, Patience Required   4/4/13 by Dave Immer

While most readers of this newsletter already have ISDN, if you change or add a location you will have to order a new line. You can have someone order for you (I offer this service,) or, if you’re adventurous, you can DIY. Here is a look at the challenge of ordering it in the US.

Step 1: First there is the conversation with someone at the phone company that knows where to misdirect you so you can repeatedly state your request to a parade of sales engineers and account specialists.

Step 2: Second is the actual order and the correct specs – a test of your ability to sling the lingo (see 9/20/12’s newsletter.) Even if you can provide all the relevant values, some of them may be ignored.

Step 3: Next you will get an install date – really a target, not a commitment.  And if the customer is an individual, as opposed to an office staff, it’s especially challenging to coordinate being on site when the field technician shows up. Even if the tech installs your jack, often the circuit isn’t active. (Despite this, the telco may consider the installation complete.) You may have to request repairs on your new line before you have even used it!

The entire process can take up to 2 months before you actually have a circuit that works, although, on average, turn-around time is typically 3-5 weeks. Be persistent and be patient. After all, you will be getting the best network for remote production. Check out these ISDN ordering guidelines: