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36. The End Of ISDN? Reports Of Its Demise Premature.  4/11/13 by Dave Immer

The relentless drumbeat of doom for ISDN pounds with every fraught report of major telcos plans to discontinue offering new accounts. While I have encountered pockets of service areas where the local phone company has stopped offering new copper accounts, I have not yet seen wide spread refusal to install ISDN by any provider. Further, those who already have ISDN are “grandfathered in” and are not in danger of losing it.

Still, we can all see the writing on the wall: fiber and wireless packet-switched data is where communications are positioned because that is where the demand and profit is.

But recognizing that ISDN is still the top-end remote production network, my advice is to hold on to your circuits for as long as you can. And for those who have been thinking of getting ISDN, do it now. It will make your studio more valuable.

I expect there will be improvements in streaming and the public internet which will eventually enable more  reliable low-delay transmissions. But until that time comes the best is still ISDN.

Let me know if you have seen any memos from telcos discontinuing new ISDN service. Thanks,