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38. iPhone IP Live Audio App: Luci Live   5/23/13 by Dave Immer

Back in January I did a brief review of Luci Live on the iPad. I am currently trying it on my iPhone5. For sheer coolness, it’s hard to beat this little IP codec software app. It’s well designed, easy to use and, with sufficient wireless bandwidth coupled with the right hardware IP codec on the studio side, will provide a stable connection for news gathering, auditions and production when voice talent is in the field. Now for a few technical details:

1. Since the iPhone/iPad is a mobile device, its connections are wireless – either wi-fi or cellular. I have tried it on a 4G LTE cellular network and it works well - often better than wi-fi.

2. While the on-board mic of your mobile device delivers passable audio, to get studio quality you will need a studio quality mic. If you use a condenser mic that requires phantom power [and use the iPad,] I suggest the handy little Mic Port Pro plus a Plugable USB Hub, which requires AC power. Admittedly this diminishes the portability of the system.

3. Luci Live transmit protocols include SIP and RTP. The SIP implementation needs work, but the RTP protocol operates great with Musicam’s Suprima which features a special Luci Live setting.

More to come on this...