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45. Luci Live: A Hand-Held Codec   9/19/13 by Dave Immer

Notwithstanding my “tether” post of a few months back suggesting you consider leaving your mobile device behind once in a while, here is another look at this great iPhone/iPad app.

Luci Live by Technica Del Arte fits in our production toolbox as an enabler of one more tributary of content flowing into the daily river of commercials, narrations, news gathering, interviews, etc. Basically, it is a software IP codec intended to connect via Wi-Fi and cellular networks to hardware IP codecs in studios. While having been developed with news-gathering field reporters and broadcasters in mind, it is easily adaptable to the work flow of a voice actor and production facility. This is not ISDN, but instead Broadband Internet.

To me, Luci Live falls into the same general class of brilliant software IP codecs as Source-Connect and AudioTX. The defining difference being that LL connection protocols are standards-based and are able to connect with a variety of current studio hardware IP codecs from brands such as Comrex, Digigram, Mayah, Musicam, Telos, Tieline and Worldnet, whereas SC and ATX are designed to only connect with their own brand.

Luci Live has found wide acceptance in the broadcast world. All the studios that use current standards-based hardware IP codecs are compatible to some degree (either MP2, AAC, G722 or all.)

Luci Live works well on my iPhone5 and iPad Mini and is available for $349 from the App Store, $329 from DIGIFON. Remember, it needs to connect with a standards-based hardware IP codec such as the brands mentioned above. Ask if the far-end studio has this type of box.

The target user group for Luci Live is talent; with a good IP connection, latency can be kept low. And when coupled with a pro-quality iOS interface like iAudioInterface2, a condenser mic and headphones, an iPhone is a hand-held professional codec/recorder.

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