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50. IP Codec Compatibility Tests: Suprima & Z/IP    2/13/14   by Dave Immer

Recently I had the opportunity to try connections between the Musicam Suprima/RoadWarrior (Prodys) IP codecs and the Telos Z/IP One. RTP compatibility with G.711, G.722 and MPEG Layer 2 was confirmed. A full range of bit rates, sample rates and audio modes were available in Layer 2 and a very high-quality, low delay 384kbs Stereo connection was made between my DIGIFON facility in Fairfield, CT and Kirk Harnack of Telos Systems in Nashville. There were no dropouts.

In other codec news, the subscription-based mono-only ipDTL codec is getting some traction as a software ip codec for Mac or PC. It’s based on the free, open-source OPUS codec and targeted at broadcasters and field reporters. I had originally reported that this is available for free but that is only for broadcast stations with some restrictions. For about $160/year (or $25/month) you get to use the Google Chrome-based software and connect with other ipDTL users. I was able to test with Kevin Leach, the developer, and got good results.

For professional studio use, a hardware IP codec like the Suprima (Prodys) or the Telos Z/IP would be my choice. They are standards-based, versatile,  dedicated stereo audio-streaming devices through which you can send and receive an assortment of codecs, bit rates & sample rates including linear audio with extensive receive-buffer  choices. I will be testing other hardware IP codecs and reporting on compatibility shortly. Stay tuned.