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53. IP Codecs Getting More Respect As ISDN Gets Less   6/5/14   by Dave Immer

After over a decade, IP audio codecs are finally being accepted as a solution to the need for a reliable remote audio production tool. Broadcasters have already largely made the switch. And with the downward availability and upward pricing pressure placed on ISDN, IP codecs continue to gain favor. I just heard of an ISDN BRI monthly rate exceeding $500! This, coupled with often disappointing telco tech support paints a dismal picture for ISDN across large swaths of the US.

While ISDN is still easily available at reasonable rates in California and New York, the space in between is turning into an ISDN high-rent neighborhood. For those in these areas that already have ISDN, repair issues are often challenging with turn-around times getting longer due to lack of knowledgeable technicians.

One expects there will come a “tipping point” where remote audio production becomes dominated by IP codecs and ISDN recedes in to the background. We are getting closer.

If rising monthly charges coupled with too few sessions push the cost justification to a breaking point and you want to remain connectable with a high-quality audio feed, get some popular IP codecs and expect to bridge over to ISDN occasionally.

Let me know if you have questions about the ISDN/IP codec landscape.