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55. Making Connections and Bridging The ISDN/IP Gap   8/14/14   by Dave Immer

OK. Despite being an ardent booster of ISDN technology I am gradually accepting IP as a realistic alternative for live audio networking. I have consistently been getting good results bridging IP users to ISDN users over the past year. Lengthy ISDN-to-IP bridges using Source-Connect, Telos Z/IP and Musicam Suprima (Prodys) proceed with few if any glitches, a record similar to ISDN-to-ISDN. (Fast internet service at my location.)

So how do we find the users of these various systems? The DIGIFON directory is the best way to find other ISDN facilities and talent. (This directory remains exclusive to ISDN for clarity.) For Source-Connect, Source-Elements maintains a searchable database online. SCNow (currently free) hardly even needs a directory since any one with the Google Chrome browser (v32) is connectable as long as one side has a SCNow account. For Telos Z/IP a contact list is viewable  from the front panel of the unit, provided you register with their SIP server. ipDTL has it’s own searchable network. 

While ISDN remains the professional standard, especially in LA and NY, and new ISDN installations continue around the world, the ranks of IP users are growing. Still, some facilities and users do not get good results with IP codecs so ISDN persists, driving the need for bridging.

Let me know if you have questions about ISDN-to-IP bridging.