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56. Source-Connect Now Beta Review    8/21/14   by Dave Immer

I recently began evaluating Source-Connect Now, the subscription-based IP codec.  SCN delivers low-delay, high quality performance, has good audio feature flexibility and, for the time-being, it’s free. When Source-Elements does start charging for it, it will still have low cost options.  For instance, the cheapest version will be priced at $8/month with the standard package going for $24/month, similar to the ipDTL product.

Also similar to ipDTL, Source-Connect Now uses the Opus codec within the Google Chrome browser environment on Macs and PCs. Android phones with Chrome are able to run SCN as well. iOS is not yet supported.

To make a connection, first the host (the one with a SCN account) opens Chrome, goes to the SCN website, signs in and creates a “session” or “grid.” Then the host sends an email to a guest inviting them to connect in to the session with a URL link and password.  Multiple parties can be invited to participate in the same session enabling a production conference (provided your internet connection and processor is up to the task.) 

Hosts and guests only need the Chrome browser with an audio interface. Guests are not required to have a SCN account. To them the codec and connection is always free.

Source-Connect Now presents the OPUS codec in a well designed package that is easy to understand. But unlike Source-Element’s flagship product, Source-Connect, SCN requires a bit more participation from users each time they go to set up, log on and manage the connection. However, users are spared the need to open ports in their router. Also unlike Source Connect, Source Connect Now does not have the Remote Transport Sync and Restore and Replace functions.

Let me know if you have comments about Source-Connect Now.