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57. A Lesson: Diversify Your IP Codecs     8/28/14   by Dave Immer

My post last week about the OPUS-based Source-Connect Now codec was ill-timed due to recent revisions in the Chrome browser that have rendered SCN unstable according to Source-Elements. While the version of Chrome (v32) that I used to evaluate SCN delivered a good result and won my approval, now it is uncertain when Source-Elements will have an update that accommodates  these revisions in Chrome. So for the time being, SCN is in a hold mode.

Meanwhile, established IP codecs such as Source-Connect, AudioTX, Luci Live, Telos Z/IP, Musicam Suprima and other hardware models are still good choices.

While this situation is inconvenient, it is instructive as it highlights a weakness in ‘cloud’ codecs like ipDTL and SCN that rely on a specific browser. When the browser undergoes revisions over which the codec developers have no control, suddenly those codecs can be rendered unusable.

This, in turn, points up a recommendation I regularly make. That is to have more than one IP codec. Diversify. It is tempting to go with one system only as it’s easier to remember the procedures of one codec, and it’s cheaper. But if you have 2 different IP codecs you will be in a better position to sidestep problems that may occur with either the network or the software itself. Compatibility counts so I continue to recommend Source-Connect as a good backup to any other codec simply because it is so widely installed among studios and talent. And any codec can be bridged to any other codec.

Let me know if you have comments about the situation with Chrome and SCN or ipDTL.