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69. Network Bonding For Internet Reliability & Security By Dave Immer 1/14/16

Here’s the concept: Encrypt and send identical data streams over two or more ISP networks and, because traffic will be different between the providers, what packets get lost, delayed or jittered on one network will likely make it promptly through, uncorrupted, on another. Or put another way, constantly pick the best internet connection at any given time. Then decrypt the data streams at a receiving unit for a dramatic improvement in throughput, stability, latency and security.

Vendor Viprinet stresses this is not load balancing, but rather true multi-network (SD-WAN) bonding.

Having seen a demo of this process, the replacement of ISDN by IP for audio production looks within reach. But for those who like the idea of IP because it avoids the cost of long distance and other telco charges, bear in mind that this approach comes with its own set of expenses. More on this next letter.

This technology, also referred to as bandwidth bonding or diversity routing, addresses the underlying weakness in using the public internet for mission-critical streaming and is already being deployed by major broadcasters, businesses and emergency services.

Check out this Source-Connect demo video that features the Viprinet technology.

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