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70. Network Bonding For Internet Reliability & Security II by Dave Immer 1/21/16

Say you were going to equip yourself with this technology to boost the performance and security of your internet streaming.
1. You need the Viprinet router software app with your computer connected to both ethernet and wi-fi.
2. Multiple service providers are required for diversity. For a fixed location production facility or home VO studio, you’ll want cable internet and DSL You could also use data plans from mobile providers in place of or mixed with the wired service.
3. You need permissions to a special hub co-located at a data center giving you direct access to the internet backbone. You could own it or subscribe to a shared managed hub service.

The combined cost of these steps exceed what you would pay to install and maintain an ISDN line with long distance charges, although more affordable solutions are in the works.

Both ends have to be equipped with it to get the full encrypted benefit, however if one side already has a fast connection then the “poor bandwidth” side can still get a greatly improved connection, albeit unsecure, from having the diversity router by itself in combination with multiple IP providers.

Finally we can expect a public internet data stream with 99.99% or better reliability. For production audio, live broadcast and other priority IP transmissions, diversity routing could be the game changer.