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71. Network Bonding with Viprinet by Dave Immer 2/25/16

Last posting I discussed using the Viprinet software on a computer to enhance internet streaming, specifically Source-Connect or ipDTL. Let’s consider the hardware Viprinet VPN router. The middle cost ($1600) version can accept up to 3 ISPs in any combination of wired or wireless. A middle cost ($5100) VPN Hub can be purchased and then co-located ($?) at a data center for backbone access. Data is encrypted.

The hardware router has the advantage of operating on the entire LAN instead of just the machine software is installed on. So all the devices on that LAN can derive the enhanced performance benefit including all software and hardware IP codecs. Further, if any ISP fails, the remaining networks keep the LAN up and maintain business continuity. Finally, the risk reduction is elevated by the use of a third ISP.

This technology is likely too pricey for an individual to justify. For small users, subscribing to a shared managed hub service is probably the way to go. But it makes sense for a larger production facility or broadcaster to acquire.

Use of the Viprinet router/hub will result in a dramatic improvement of audio and video. And what with data security a growing concern these days, encryption is becoming a requirement for browsing, streaming and file-transfer.

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