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72. Cutting The ISDN Cord? by Dave Immer 3/18/16

Among the reasons to drop your ISDN are: Rising charges, you don’t use it enough, rumors about its impending doom. But remember, ISDN connections are exclusive and private and circuit-switched. For most users it is trouble free and reliable.

You can’t beat ISDN for security. And while AT&T looks like it’s trying to price ISDN BRI circuits through the roof, there still are regions and providers that have it for reasonable rates. And don’t forget ISDN PRI which is available in even fiber-only neighborhoods. I’ve seen it priced at $400/mo.- cheaper than BRI in some areas.

If your ISDN monthly charges are reasonable, I recommend keeping it even if you only use it occasionally. Because if you cancel, you may not be able to get it back. I continue to order new ISDN service for customers and am typically successful.

But for those who choose to cut the ISDN cord and go strictly broadband internet, Source-Connect is the popular software codec. For a hardware IP codec check out the Telos Z/IP One box. Like the Zephyr, it’s user friendly and could well become the dominant hardware IP codec. Full disclosure: I am a Z/IP One dealer.

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