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73. Sprint Long Distance Calling It Quits by Dave Immer 6/30/16

Recently a memo crossed my desk from Sprint stating their intention to discontinue their “Wireline Legacy Voice Long Distance Service”. They go on to say that it includes Switched Data Services which would include ISDN long distance.

For Sprint customers the cut-off date is June 30, 2017 so there is ample time to arrange for an alternate carrier. I recommend AT&T Long Distance which has the PIC code 0288.

To make the change call the business office number listed on your bill and speak to the accounts department. Tell them you want to change the default long distance carrier on both (all) your ISDN numbers. Both regional and interstate. Then call AT&T at 800-222-7956 and give them your ISDN numbers so they can add you to their routing tables. Ask for a discount calling plan.

The AT&T per-minute charges will be higher than Sprint.

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