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74. Vzn Pulls Plug on ISDN BRI in NY - Get PRI? by Dave Immer 7/28/16

Verizon will no longer provide new ISDN BRI service in New York City. For those who already have it it will be grandfathered in - there will be no interruption of existing service.

However you will still be able to get an ISDN PRI/T1 circuit for about $500/month. Remember, PRI requires a network appliance that costs around $5000 including setup support. In some cases the telco will provide this equipment but usually it’s the customer’s responsibility.

So the cost of entry to ISDN has gone up considerably in NYC compared to what it was a few months ago. But overall, the cost is still lower than it was 20 years ago when popular ISDN codec systems would sell for over $10,000.

With PRI you get 23 B channels, so you can have 23 ISDN numbers if you want.
A single Quad BRI card will get you 8 ISDN numbers which is more than most users need.

While, for many, a bridge may be more cost effective, for those who must have ISDN for compatibility, PRI is available.

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