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75. A Common IP Codec   by Dave Immer   8/11/16

Verizon no longer provides new ISDN BRI circuits in NYC and other locations where it is the local provider. Though Verizon’s BRI policy seems to be “No”, Frontier has purchased significant Verizon territory in California and elsewhere and will install new BRI circuits. Verizon will still provide PRI circuits, but the additional equipment needed to terminate the line runs around $4000 and it’s not surprising no one wants to spend that.

This circumstance will cause the production community to coalesce that much quicker around a common IP codec.

On the software side, this has already happened with Source-Connect.

On the hardware side I’m seeing adoption of popular brands including the Telos Z/IP One, the Comrex Bric-Link, Tieline and the Prodys Prontonet (Suprima), but there seems to be no clearly dominant IP box.  They all deliver excellent audio and share some compatibility, but if I had to choose it would be the Z/IP One just because Telos provides superior tech support and repair services.

No matter what IP codec you choose, I suggest you use a fast dedicated internet account to reduce the risk of dropouts. Encourage your clients/talent to do so as well.

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