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76. Network Bonding: ISDN Reliability For SC 10/27/2016 by Dave Immer

Do you find yourself dreading your upcoming IP codec sessions not knowing if you will be getting a good feed or one with dropouts, delay and degraded audio?

ISDN codec users have come to expect reliable, stable connections at any time of day regardless of whoever else in the neighborhood is on calls. But for IP codec users, connections can be an adventure.

But do not despair - setting up a Virtual Private Network will be the solution to the IP codec reliability/latency problem. Some hardware ip codecs feature a proprietary VPN method to enhance streaming reliability. Some rely on external VPN routers.
A VPN Client connects to a shared/managed VPN hub that takes your bonded multiple streams and forwards a single stream. To use that hub you have to pay a fee.

Source-Elements has developed it’s own network bonding feature they call Source-Net. I am a beta-tester and I like it. It gets me solid reliability while enabling lower possible latency. It will be available on a subscription basis, ~$50 a month.

Now dropouts will be a much less significant risk. And with 2 relatively slow networks you can do this. I tried it with one Cellular 4G LTE connection using a Verizon JetPack as a Wi-Fi hotspot (1 Mb up) and one mediocre DSL connection (3Mb up).