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77. Using the SC VPN Client At Studio/Home and On The Road. by Dave Immer 12/22/16

As I reported previously I have been beta testing Source-Net, the VPN Client for Source-Connect. I continue to be very happy with the results: Noticeably improved quality due to better audio and lower latency.

An important thing to remember about the VPN Client is that it is designed to be used with two Internet Service Providers. Almost everybody already has both of these sources:
• An ethernet (wired) connection. This would typically be your main ISP router.
• A WiFi connection. This can be from a second ISP router or your mobile phone or JetPack used as a WiFi hotspot.
Both ISP services can be low cost and relatively slow. Mediocre bandwidth works because chances are very low that between the two ISPs the same packet will be dropped.

For traveling users who need to use Source-Connect with Source-Net on the road from a hotel room or a location without wired ethernet, it requires an additional device. The VPN Client connects to a wired and a WiFi interface so in a hotel, if you don’t have access to ethernet (wired) internet service, you have to convert the mobile phone or JetPack hot spot to an ethernet source. Netgear makes a Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) that will do this.

The greatest benefit is realized when both ends of the connection are using Source-Net.
As the Source-Net web page says about it’s bonding app when used on both ends: “The redundant internet connections brings the Quality of Service close to - if not the same - as our Source-Net (dedicated) Lines.” Yea!

But even if only one side of the connection has it, Source-Net makes it better.