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79. Correction: AT&T Not Offering Discount Data Calling Blocks. SE Has Solution. by Dave Immer 4/6/17

I recently reported that AT&T offered blocks of long distance data minutes at discount prices. The blocks of minutes, as stated, apply only to voice mode (including POTS) calls. Data calls - the mode used for ISDN codecs - are no longer included in AT&T discount calling plans. AT&T will still carry your LD data calls albeit at “standard” rates which are rising quarterly. So while you can still choose AT&T as your ISDN LD provider, the rates are much less cost effective. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile Source-Elements, the folks that bring you Source-Connect, will soon be offering a way to convert your ISDN codec to an IP stream with a box that establishes a virtual private network between you and their data center. Then at the data center they reconstitute the ISDN signal where it then continues on to the destination studio over a standard ISDN circuit. Functionally, you have an ISDN line without having to deal with the phone company which can be a hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing, arm-waiving thing. This is not a “bridge.” There is no codec in between the far ends so the audio is not being “cascaded” through additional boxes.

Source-Elements will provide domestic long distance data rates of 10¢/min., a price much more in line with what we’re used to. SE will be demonstrating this technology at the upcoming NAB show. Looks like it avoids the problems (cost, availability) of traditional ISDN lines and long distance…