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80. Hello-Hello? Can You Hear Me Now? Codec Meters Matter. by Dave Immer 3/23/17

This is a reprise of an earlier post that I thought was worth repeating.

Too often I have been on line or on the phone with studios or talent trying to set levels or find the signal while the engineer or talent is unable to see the encode or decode meters on their codec. This situation puts the user in the position of not knowing if there is incoming signal present at the codec, or if his local signal is hitting his codec, or the signal is loud enough.

If the far-end facility is at a similar disadvantage, then it compounds the difficulty. As minutes tick by, everyone gets nervous. Larger facilities are often the most at risk in this respect because their codecs are typically located in a machine room down the hall or on another floor.

Life will be easier if you can see the codec meters in the control room. If you are a talent with a home studio, position your codec or control screen so you can see it while standing at your mic. Remember, what you see on your send meter is what they see on their receive meter (if both sides are framed.)

When you’re trying to confirm your ISDN or IP audio transmission, the meters that matter are the send (encode) and receive (decode) meters on the codec itself.