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82. Virtual ISDN Available Now by Dave Immer 9/28/17

“ISDN is not dead: it lives on with Source Elements” says their opening blurb for Virtual ISDN, or vISDN, as they brand it.

Here is one feature that stands out: vISDN can travel. It works in your hotel room, in the field, or at a venue. This is a capability that a traditional ISDN BRI circuit was never able to pull off.

vISDN is cheaper than some providers cost, can replace traditional ISDN local and long distance services and supports existing ISDN codecs such as Zephyr, Prima, Mayah, APT, etc.

Further, vISDN is not a bridge but a true ISDN/BRI circuit extended to you via your internet access. This is how you are able to use it remotely, because with two separate internet connections you can have a low-latency high-reliability ISDN line wherever there is good internet service.

Source Elements vISDN is good news for three main groups of ISDN users:
• Those who cannot get a traditional ISDN BRI circuit because of distance/technical limitations or local provider refusal.
• Those who have ISDN but who are paying exorbitant rates charged by AT&T.
3. Those who need to travel with ISDN.

Here is the pricing:
$1200 setup - install 1 rackspace CPE unit with 2 SPIDs.
$200 per month
1 year commitment
10¢ per minute US domestic long distance usage

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