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83. Welcome to 2018 ISDN. by Dave Immer 2/28/18

Happy New Year and best wishes for a profitable and productive year. This months post is short and succinct - yet another review of IP vs ISDN.

It’s 2018 and ISDN continues to be embraced by studios, production companies and talent. This is partly due to the secure and private nature of circuit-switched ISDN as contrasted with the “party-line” packet-switched internet. Despite this there remains a growing migration to the internet for establishing production connections. This reflects not only the convenience of accessing and working on the internet but also the difficulty of obtaining or keeping ISDN.

But ISDN is still the reliable and stable network compared to the internet.

I Direct your attention to my post of 9/28/17 in which I discuss Source-Elements Virtual ISDN Offering. I have been playing with it and am pleased with it’s performance-especially when using 2 ISP’s to run it. Doing so will result in an ability to use a low-latency setting with very high reliability. Even if you only have a single ISP at your disposal, you will still get reliable service albeit at a slightly higher latency. I have been clocking latencies between 450ms and 850ms. In my opinion anything under 1-sec (1000ms) is manageable.

If you lose your ISDN service or if it becomes too expensive Virtual ISDN is probably the best alternative for someone who needs it.

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