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 Facility Name: Tel #:  Codec Model:
Contact Person: Fax #:  Speed-Dial #:
 Sample Rate:







 Codec Algorithm:




 CCS Old (L2)

 CCS New (L2)

 Algorithm Mode:


Dual Mono

Joint Stereo


 Line Format:


 CCS 2-Line

H221 2-Line

H221 4-Line

H221 6-Line

Call Bit-Rate:  56kbps  64kbps  

  Decoder Settings Independent of Encoder? (for Zephyrs it's always yes):




 ISDN Calling Numbers




















To transmit audio, the codecs need to agree on the above parameters. The check list above will help you do this. Beside each row heading are the possible choices for that parameter. Circle the agreed values and then select the "SDIAL" ID # that corresponds to the combination. Refer to the Quick Conifg table in the back of the manual. Write down the far-end's ISDN phone numbers. Now make each call by pressing "DIAL" and entering the directory number. You can store that configuration along with the phone numbers you just entered in a speed-dial register so that all calls to that facility's CODEC can from then on be made by pressing only 2 or 3 buttons. On Primas and RoadRunners there is a "Save Current" option (press SDSET)which stores the last numbers dialed along with how the codec is configured. Write the ID # in the Speed-Dial # box at the top of this page.

Print this page out, make copies and use a new one each time you configure your codec with a new speed-dial entry.


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