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Studios, Broadcasters, Film/Video Producers & Editors, Advertising Agencies, Music Houses, Singers/Players/Voice-overs, Talent Agencies, Venues....and other A/V professionals with Digital Telephone (ISDN) service and High Fidelity Audio CODECs

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The focus of the Digital Dial-up List is Digital Audio CODECs and the group of people and facilities that use them with ISDN. Inclusion in the database is free but you or your company must meet these qualifications: 1. Have digital access to the worldwide public circuit-switched telephone network (ISDN). 2. Be in (or connected with) the audio or visual arts including (but not limited to) studios/facilities, broadcasters, talent, producers, editors. 3. Wish to be known to other ISDN users involved with the creation, production, sale or distribution of audio or video (including film, live performance, etc.).

DIGIFON does not sell the list or any of the information in it.

A note about IP codec facilities: The various IP codecs have their own directorys, some of which are very good like Source-Connect. The
DDL will remain ISDN-exclusive.

How the List is sorted. For domestic US facilities the DDL is sorted in the order: State, City, Company Name. For international locations the DDL is sorted in the order: Country, City, Company Name.

Inclusion on this list does not guarantee interoperability between systems. All algorithms & networks are represented, so incompatibilities may exist between specific terminal equipment, i.e: CODEC algorithms, terminal adapters, file formats, etc. The only way to be sure you can send/receive with someone is to try it. This list is intended to bring ISDN codec users together and is meant as a general guide with no endorsements of specific networks, hardware, software or systems.