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DIGIFON is located in Fairfield, CT. Phone: 203-254-0869, Fax: 203-256-5300

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The primary activity of DIGIFON is integrating, selling, supporting and bridging systems that allow professional quality audio to be transmitted and received via widely available ISDN telephone lines and the public internet. Users of these systems tend to be recording studios, TV/film editorial houses, broadcasters, ad agencies, talent, music production companies, record labels, performance venues, and anyone else requiring up to CD quality real-time audio over a digital network. DIGIFON owns and operates an ISDN/IP Bridging/Transmission facility-for-hire. DIGIFON's web site features a worldwide directory of ISDN CODEC users and other useful information.

Dave Immer, ISDN Production Specialist.

Dave Immer's experience as composer/arranger and producer coupled with his solid technical and audio engineering background form the underpinnings of his stewardship of his own company, DIGIFON. Building on a successful three decade music career featuring numerous recordings and music advertising campaigns, DIGIFON was born out of Immer's own need to receive and deliver audio and data instantaneously over low cost ISDN lines with facilities, artists and producers around the world. His expertise on ISDN for audio has found expression in articles for trade magazines, quotes in the NYNEX and Bell South ISDN guide, and his chairmanship of ISDN Studio Workshops at the Fall 1995, 1997 & 2001 Audio Engineering Society conventions at Jacob Javits Center in New York.